Estate Architecture


Pan-African Parliament

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Location(s): Midrand

Estate Architecture

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Author(s): Kevin Lloyd (Guest Editor)

Induction of KZ-NIA President

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Architect(s): Ivor Daniel

KZ-NIA Awards for Architecture 2007

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Architect(s): OMM Design Workshop, Emmett: Emmett Architects, Elphick Proome Architects, sound space design cc.

19th Sophia Gray Laureate

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Durban’s New Airport

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Architect(s): Osmond Lange Architects & Planners, Mthulisi Msimang Architects cc, NSM Design, Ruben Reddy Architects cc., Shabangu Architects cc

UKZ-N School of Architecture, Planning & Housing

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Estate Architecture in Perspective

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Author(s): Prof. Walter Peters

Estate Architecture

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Architect(s): Cronje Associated Architects, Michael Tod Architects, Kevin Lloyd Architects Author(s): John Cook, Dennis Boyd, Llewellyn Cronjé, Mike Tod, Kevin Lloyd

Zimbali Coastal Resort

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Architect(s): Dennis Boyd, Llewellyn Cronjé Author(s): Kevin Lloyd, John Cook, Dennis Boyd Location(s): Zimbali

House Carter

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Architect(s): Brian Johnson Architects Author(s): Brian Johnson Location(s): Zimbali


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Author(s): Prof. Walter Peters Location(s): Nottingham Road

Prince’s Grant

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Author(s): Prof. Walter Peters

House Freeman

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Architect(s): Sally Adams Architect, Ursula de Haas Author(s): Sally Adams Location(s): Plantation Place, Prince’s Grant

Prince’s Grant Architectural Code

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Author(s): Sally Adams

House Schiller

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Architect(s): Sally Adams Architect, Suhayl Ballim, Murray Blore Author(s): Murray Blore Location(s): Heatherey Lane, Prince’s Grant

House Dirker and House van Hoegaerden

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Architect(s): Amanda Lead Architect Author(s): Amanda Lead Location(s): Blink Bonnie Lane, Plantation Place


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Author(s): Prof. Walter Peters

Emerging Practices: Architects a Decade into Independent Practice

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Architect(s): H2 Architects Author(s): Adrian Hallam Location(s): Ken Solomon House, Home of Decorland

A Travel Diary

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Author(s): Bruce Clark Location(s): Salt Lake City, Utah