NIA 90th Anniversary


Student Architect of the Year

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Keywords: Corobrik Natal Student Architect, David Barrow

Natal School of Architecture

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Architect(s): Brian Kearney, Edwin (Ted) Tollman

Everite Facades Competition

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Architect(s): Architects Collaborative cc, Mc Laren Alcock Bedford & Partners, Johnson Murray Architects, Paul Sanders, Clark & Thomas Architects, Anya van der Merwe-Miszewski

NIA stand at NBS House and Garden Show, 1992

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Architect(s): Kevin Bingham, Bruce Clark, Patrick Duigan, Simon Pratt Location(s) Durban Exhibition Centre Keywords: Affordable House Competition, jungle gym

90th Anniversary president’s message

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Author(s) Patrick Gibson Location(s) 160 Bulwer Road Keywords: professional stance, art of Architecture, Edwardian house, emerging new South Africa, complex socio-economic polyglot of our society

Celebration of the 90th Anniversary of the Natal Institute of Architects

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Architect(s): Peter McCaffery, Kevin Bingham, Jennie Castle, George Elphick, Trish Emmett, John Ferendinos, Hanlie Lloyd, Jean Stewart, Bruce Clark, Dennis Claude, Franco Coppola, Patrick Duigan, Frank Reitz, Peter Schwerzel, Eric Stephenson, John Pauling Keywords: buildings of architectural merit, different styles, buildings should be prominent, distinctive characteristics

1992 Des Baker Awards

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Architect(s): Dr Gavie Fagan Keywords: Murray & Roberts competition, first year students of the six schools of architecture, Innovation in Emergency, Simon Turnbull

Pietermaritzburg Civic Awards

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Architect(s): Ing Jackson de Ravel, Ismail Cassimjee Architect Location(s) 135 East Street, 69a Church Street Keywords: Edgars, Medical Centre, paraphrases Victorian gabled architecture, Soorti Sunni Mosque

1992 Durban City Council Conservation Awards

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Location(s) 10 Point Road, 508 Windermere Road, 305 Musgrave Road, 88 Musgrave Road, 170 Mansfield Road, 26 Craft Avenue, 22/26 Prains Avenue Keywords: Ealing House, Strathmore Park

Natal Technikon Architecture Prizes

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Architect(s): Patrick Gibson Keywords: NIA President, best student, History and Appreciation of Architecture, Nicola Barrow

NIA Affordable House Competition

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Architect(s): Elphick Proome Architects, Johnson Murray Architects, MAB Architects, B Kooblal, F Steyn, Patrick Gibson, Andre van Graan, Prof. Ted Tollman Keywords: Natal Portland Cement

Rewarding Conservation

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Architect(s): Prof. Brian Kearney Keywords: introduction to Durban’s historic architecture, residential, communal and industrial, religious, institutional

University of Natal 1993 Calendar

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Location(s) Pietermaritzburg Keywords: renderings by students, Natal School of Architecture, Victorian & Edwardian buildings

Victorian architecture

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Architect(s): Stauch Vorster, R.S. Upton, Wells and Ingham, Cathcart Methuen, P Piekes, Street-Wilson and Fyfe, William Street-Wilson, Peter Paterson Author(s) Jennie Castle Location(s) The Durban Club, 93 Victoria Embankment, 89 St George’s Street, 73 Musgrave Road, 59 Musgrave Road, Point Railway Station, 68 Ridge Road, Bellair Railway Station, Durban Railway Station, Pietermaritzburg Town Hall, Local History Museum (Former Courthouse and Government offices) Keywords: ornate and delicate treatment of building elements, Gothic style, Classic Revival style, Art Nouveau, historic

Edwardian architecture

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Architect(s): William Emery Robarts, T Read, Stott & Kirby, KP Brentwall, Scott, Woolcott & Hudson, Bentel Abramson & Partners, Hallen Theron & Partners, William Lucas, Stanley Hudson Author(s) Trish Emmett Location(s) Cottom Grove, 303 & 309 Florida Road, Kings House, Eastbourne Terrace, 121 – 123 & 125- 127 Essenwood Road, Durban City Hall, The Manor House, 14 Nuttall Gardens, The Workshop, 219 Florida Road, Pietermaritzburg General Post Office, 178 Florida Road, Atherton, 295 Florida Road Keywords: ornate and delicate treatment of building elements, Gothic style, Classic Revival style, Art Nouveau, historic