NPIA Newsletter 1 1978


Reservation of Work

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Author(s): Miles Jackson Keywords: Report to Members at Special General Meeting at Edenroc Hotel 16h00: 23rd February 78, statutory scale of fees, Mr Poole, late of the P.W.D., reserved for architects, land surveyors, accountants, Sandy Morrison, medical profession, para-architects, draughtsmen, 1927 Act, 1970 Act, Institute of South West Africa, South African Institute, Architects Act of 1970, Minister, public representatives, gazette, principle, National Board and Council, statutory protection, standard of building development, Natal, non-practising architect, Engineers Regulations, Council’s Annual Report of 1974/75, Council’s Executive, Registrar, Council’s Legal Advisers, Secretary for Public Works, Government Legal Advisers, exempt, Municipalities, Divisional Councils, B.I.F.S.A., construction

Advertising and the Profession

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Author(s): Danie Theron Keywords: Report to Members at Special General Meeting at Edenroc Hotel 16h00: 23rd February 78, advertising and the profession, economic recession, political uncertainty, post-war times, state of the profession, R.I.B.A., U.K., PRO, Client Advisory System, A.I.A., developer’s door, Durban Club, Rotary Club, individual architectural firms, professionalism, mass tendering, quality of architecture, Architectural Services, image of the profession, corporate advertising, promotion, trial period

Public Sector Work

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Author(s): Pat Gordon Keywords: Report to Members at Special General Meeting at Edenroc Hotel 16h00: 23rd February 78, province, undue competition, architectural commissions, ExCo, Liaison Committee, list, practice, own account, partnership, tender stage, ready-to-go project, shelved project, best man for the project, Special Agreement, primus inter pares (First among equals)

Architects Involvement in Low-Cost Housing

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Author(s): Peter Hoal Keywords: projects of commerce and industry, Department of Community Development, Housing Act of 1966, Secretary for Community Development, National Housing Commission, Bantu Housing Board, Community Development Board, liaison with local authorities, furnishing professional and technical advice, designing standard building plans, needs, section of the population, certain income, group area, income groups for various races, economic or sub-economic housing, Whites, Coloureds, Indians, bond costs, Housing Act, maximum cost of construction for economic units, provided by the state, financial control, Phoenix, community areas, new towns, Newlands Indian Town, Newlands East Coloured Town, layout of the township, Town Planning Branch, B.H. form of Contract, M.B.A., Conditions of Tender, design and construct, community facilities


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Keywords: partnerships, Addresses, membership, class, Members, resignations, deceased