School of Architecture at 50 Umgeni Business Park



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Keywords: Dennis Claude

Past and Future

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Author(s) Dennis Radford Keywords: Sonny Tomkin, Calvert McDonald, Paul Connell

School of Architecture at 50 Umgeni Business Park

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Author(s) Prof. Walter Peters Keywords: University of Natal, Paul Connell, Don Dyke-Wells


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Architect(s): Brian Bernstein Author(s) Ted Tollman Keywords: Calvert McDonald Scholarship, Bauhaus, Pius Pahl

Teaching First Year: A Memoir

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Author(s) Dennis Claude Keywords: Paul Connell, Barrie Biermann, Modern Movement

Teaching First Year: Introduction of Integrated Problem Based Learning in 1995

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Author(s) Derek van Heerden Keywords: Newcastle University, Problem Based Learning

Teaching First Year: The Fusion of Architectural Design & Technology

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Author(s) Alethea Duncan-Brown Keywords: Melanie Grant, Mark Webster, David Dent, Marco Oliviera

Environmental Concerns in Architectural Design

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Author(s) Derek Wang Keywords: Paul Connell, Brian Kearney, Building Science, Problem Based Learning

The School and its Community

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Author(s) Dennis Radford Keywords: Barrie Biermann, Ron Lewcock, Alan Woodrow, Derek White

Umgeni Business Park

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Author(s) Prof. Walter Peters Location(s) Umgeni Keywords: Intersite Property Management

“Bargain Hunting for 160 Years”

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Architect(s): Paul Mikula Author(s) Paul Mikula


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Architect(s): Michael Tod Architects Author(s) Raewyn Gowar (Slack) Keywords: Umgeni Business Park

Hirt & Carter

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Architect(s): Clark & Thomas Architects CC. Author(s) Tom Steer Keywords: value management


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Architect(s): soundspacedesign CC, Ing Jackson Architects (Architects of Record) Author(s) Don Albert Keywords: barrows

Selected “Star Drawings”

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Keywords: Barrie Biermann, KeithAlcock, CWB Green, Peter Engelbrecht

A Travel Diary

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Author(s) Jeanine Rodney Location(s) India Keywords: Mumbai, Sir Jay Jay College, Biermann Library