Steel Architecture


Steel Architecture

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Author(s) Prof. Walter Peters Keywords: Christian Norberg-Schulz, Mies van der Rohe, ICC


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Architect(s): Lionel Reeves, Jack Simpson, Basil Adkin Author(s) Bill O’Beirne, Don Dyke-Wells, Sylvia Grobler and, Prof. Walter Peters Keywords: Cowan & Ellis, Geoffrey le Sueur & Partners, NPIA President


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Author(s) Rod Lloyd Keywords: Maputaland, Issy Benjamin, Hans Hallen


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Keywords: Jonathan Edkins, Ronald Lewcock

Wrought Iron, Cast Iron & Steel

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ICC: Structural Frame

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Architect(s): Stauch Vorster Architects, Hallen Custers Smith, Johnson Murray Architects Author(s) John Ferendinos, Linda Ness, Rob Young

ICC Curtain Walling

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Author(s) Andrew Murray Keywords: Durban’s Central Prison

ICC Undulating Roof

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Author(s) Andrew Murray Keywords: curves, Lance Smith

ICC Tensioned-Fabric Membrane Roof

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Author(s) Ed Howard Keywords: Vierendeel, Flexible Structures CC

ICC Main Roof

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Author(s) Cedric Richards

ICC Seating Banks

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Author(s) John Ferendinos, Rob Young, Andrew Murray

Mini-Bus Ranks

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Architect(s): Architectural Services, City of Durban Author(s) Gavin Adams, Ravi Jhupsee Keywords: Durban Central Local Council, Old Dutch Road, Pine Street

A Travel Diary “On Shaky Ground: A New House in New Zealand”

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Author(s) Errol Haarhoff Location(s) New Zealand Keywords: City of Auckland, Waitemata Harbour, building codes