The Other Durban


Durban City Council Conservation Awards 1990

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Location(s) Cato Manor Hindu Temple, 588 Bellair Road, Shri Poongavanma, 418 Bellair Road, 97 Clark Road, 633 Musgrave Road, 2 Gordon Road, Warrior’s Gate, 1 NMR Avenue, Temple of Shri Takudwara, 24 Somtseu Road

Practice Notices

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Prevailing images of Durban are the glittering Golden Mile, tropical gardens and the busiest port in Africa

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Author(s) Rodney Harber Location(s) Tekwini Keywords: other Durban, ANC, struggle, political ideologies, unemployment

Member Honoured

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Architect(s): Derek Sherlock Author(s) Prof. Walter Peters

Durban – As You Know It?

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Author(s) Dr. Peter Robinson Location(s) Umkomaas, Cato Ridge, Salt Rock Keywords: population growth, unemployed, education, AIDS, rapid urbanisation

Three African City Experiences

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Author(s) Ron Kirby Location(s) Ibadan, Nigeria, Umlazi, Lilongwe, Malawi Keywords: Kenneth Galbraith, squatter settlements, garden city planning, low income, souk

Ebuhleni Shembe Settlement

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Keywords: Frank Reitz, Nazareth Baptist Church, compact form, tapering footpaths, open

Kwa Mnyandu Station Market System

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Architect(s): Rodney Harber Author(s) Dave Dewar Keywords: informal sector activity, security, spatial marginalisation, market orientation, movement channels

Interview with Alan Lipman

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Location(s) Durban, Britain Keywords: shanty towns, authoritarian, bureaucratic, demoralised, corrupt

Quo Vadis?

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Author(s) Rodney Harber Location(s) Durban, Warwick Avenue, Block AK, Isipingo Rail, The Bay, Cato Manor, Inanda, Jo’burg, Umngeni River Keywords: Mixed Use Activity Corridor, Urban Design Workshops, apartheid, shacks, simple buildings