Northern Natal


Rediscover the Battlefields

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Author(s) Bruce Torr Location(s) Lake Sibaya Keywords: archiflash, coal mining, battlefields, spirit of the region

Practice Notices

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Ladysmith – A Brief Review

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Author(s) Neil Hayes-Hill Location(s) Muschiston Street Keywords: City Hall, Siege, blue stone, Group Areas Act, Indian

Shops and Offices for Stockowners Co-operative Limited, Ladysmith

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Architect(s): Granville Hayes-Hill & Associates Location(s) Ladysmith Keywords: veranda

Newcastle Urban Architecture

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Architect(s): Partnership Hans Hendrikse Location(s) Drakensberg Vallei Keywords: Town Offices and Rates Hall, NG Kerk, First National Bank, civic, arcade

Domestic Architecture in Northern Natal

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Architect(s): Coote & Clarkson Location(s) Ladysmith, Drakensberg Keywords: House Warde, House Scharrighuisen, House Heron, House Cerrai, landscape

A Farmhouse Transformed

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Architect(s): Colin Glasspool & Associates Location(s) Volksrust Keywords: House Hudson, stone-walled, farmhouse, SA pine

Domestic, Church and Office Architecture, Newcastle

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Architect(s): Leach & van der Walt Location(s) Newcastle Keywords: House Botha, House Peer, Twee Kerke, 50 Paterson Street, bachelor pad

Madadeni Maternity Hospital

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Architect(s): Bruce Torr, Stutterheim, Mina & Vicente

Newcastle Indian Library

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Architect(s): Bruce Torr Keywords: display window