ArcheTYPE – Rodney Harber Exhibition

ArcheTYPE – architect Rodney Harber Exhibition DAG UIA 2014

Request from Roz Harber

Carol Brown and Peter Engblom curators of the above exhibition are asking for

  1. Some anecdotes from you the built environment practioner.. Of classic things that Rodney may have said to you whilst examing you at thesis, whilst critiquing you in the studio.. Or simply said something in passing in discussion. That stuck out or in your mind and clearly made you see the built environment in a new 
    For example the other day TRISH Emmett said in passing she never knew what a cantilever was until Rodney showed her.
    I for one remember and use a lot that classic one “you got to listen so hard that you almost hear what hasn’t been said..  Roz H.
    There’s another one that comes to mind and that’s that comment about a British Racing green Mercedes passing him, in the road with a former student in it, then he knew he had taught them well
    Peter wants to make a ‘movie’ so asks that he do the interviews on Saturday 12/ 13th July at KZNIA. Otherwise send an email to me or DES, but there’s also no reason why you couldn’t do a selfie video/ pic and post it on WhatsApp
  2. The second item we are looking for, is for the Education pavilion  and this is a long shot- I am looking for a set of drawings* that Rodney would have red lined and would have one of his red birds struggling in out of eaves or where as a student there was a gap. I am hoping that somebody might have this* in some best  forgotten about archive
  3. Another initiative that needs exposure in the education pavilion is the wonderful collection of water colour paintings which Brian Kearney and Rodney orchestrated many years ago it is a wonderful record of some of Durban‘s buildings.
  4. There was also a corrugated iron festival in the mid-eighties on campus I am sure there must be some record photos from that lying somewhere in somebodies student album . I know there was a NIA journal printed, show casing it.

Contact details are as follows

KZNIA 031 2017590 |

Roz Harber 031 209 8384/77

With thanks!

Roz Harber