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Architect(s): Hallen, Theron & Partners, Revel Fox, Don Dyke-Wells Author(s): Dr. Walter Peters Location(s): Cape Town Keywords: contemporary, Mangosuthu Technikon, good design, academic, Awards, Royal Institute of British Architects, purpose, public recognition, excellent, consistency, quality, appropriate use of materials, remain a fine work of architecture, educational means, Simon Roberts, Natal Law Society, Les Williams, clients, patrons, outstanding environments, one-off, biennial building, assessors, contractor, Design, Stocks & Stocks

Mangosuthu Technikon

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Architect(s): Hallen Theron and Partners Inc, Julian Elliott Location(s): Umlazi Keywords: architectural excellence, good design, academic, welcome without pretension, Mediterranean, spirit of Tuscany, cloistered quadrangle, mandala, intimate liaison of art and architecture, multiple-etching technique, Andrew Verster, nodal elements, quadrangular, Terracotta tile, precast concrete, flying brackets, rust, formal inventiveness

Cathedral of the Holy Nativity

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Architect(s): Kammeyer, Rozendal and Carter-Brown Location(s): Pietermaritzburg Keywords: First Prize, national architectural competition, historic Victorian City, civic, radical, cues, environment, city, Victorian, concrete frame, St. Peter’s, multipurpose meeting space, sanctuary, military, stained glass museum, structural cross, clusters, square within the circle, Organic, Fellowship Building, ‘The Centre, screen wall, layered functional spaces, Refectory/Foyer, curvilinear, Green Space, green shaded place, tranquil precinct

101 Victoria Embankment

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Architect(s): Monte Bryer and Rodd, Gerald Seitter , Dennis Boyd Location(s): Durban, Victoria Embankment Keywords: bachelor, simplex, duplex, squash courts, swimming pool, sun deck, children’t play centre, laundromat, pleasant living, urban, High Density, Esplanade green belt, reducing noise, landmark, Durban Club, tall, accommodation types, Architect & Builder

Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre

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Architect(s): Bruce E. Powers Location(s): Durban Keywords: ancillary, core, external walls, internal connections, minimum, porte-cochere, performing arts, raked auditorium, coffee bar, production, actor-audience relationship, proscenium stage, air-conditioned single-tiered, fly tower, orchestra pit, wing space, lighting catwalk, concrete structural frame, facebrick infill panels, steel roof trusses, festivals, retain indigenous vegetation, blend the building into its natural surroundings

Maintenance, Change and Dining Facility

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Architect(s): Daniel and Associates Location(s): Durban Keywords: service building, heavy industrial context, human element, mechanistic, humanisation process, dialogue, surroundings, Architecture SA

The Mews

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Architect(s): Tollman Haarhof & Partners, The Olaf Pretorius Smith & Poole Partnership Location(s): Durban Keywords: ‘family-type’ housing units, rooftop, ‘apartment-type’, limited potential for open space interaction, preserve, balance, community open space, private open space, formal, spatial concept, L-shaped, garden setting, stacked, knuckle, individuality, domestic scale, brick paved, trees, palms

House Dada

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Architect(s): Brian Johnson Location(s): Westville Keywords: suburban, views, sea, Indian industrialist, interpret, traditional, Vernacular, High Modern, overhanging verandah roof, parasol-type, decorative slatted sun screens, Victorian, visual, over-scaled

House Oldfield

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Architect(s): Brian Johnson Location(s): Durban, Musgrave Road Keywords: tennis court, pan-handled access, structural engineer, north facing, central pool courtyard, unobtrusive roof, one-metre diameter columns, cantilevered eaves, shade, face-brick, rugged, raised formal lounge, family room, feature bar, formal dining room, en-suite bedroom

House Thomas

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Architect(s): Brian Johnson Location(s): Westville Keywords: sloping site, Palmiet River, doctor, hobbies, gardening, antique collection, harmonise, natural surroundings, visual impact, flat roof, internal planning, circular beam, cut-out, long vistas, landscaped, rippling stream, blending

House Schmidt

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Architect(s): Hallen Theron and Partners Inc Location(s): Cowies Hill Keywords: verandah-like form, slender columns, shallow curve, overhangs, shading, roof edge, gabled

Natal University Student Wins International Union of Architects Prize

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Author(s): Errol Haarhoff Location(s): Cape Town Keywords: News, International Union of Architects, UNESCO, student competition, XIIth Student Competition, self-help housing delivery, low-income, plan, own dwellings, tight budget constraints, developing countries, special design programmes, National Congress of the Institute of S.A. Architects, John Turner, actual live situation, special awareness of its context, co-operative, collective action, egalitarian, difficult constraints, relationship between architect and user, Dudley Yeo, Black South Africans, affordability, target population, physical framework, cul-de-sac, communal, sewers, phased, flexible building rules, economic, partnership, power, meaningful, recognition, international level

Best Brick Prize

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Architect(s): Hallen, Theron and Partners Inc., Marinier, Small and Pettit, Prof. D.N. Dyke-Wells, Revel Fox, Tony Pooke Keywords: News, Natal Mercury auditorium, certificates, Corobrik, family home, Natal Provincial Institute of Architects, Natal Mercury, Chris Lee, improve, quality of environment, Design, public awareness