Taking Stock

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Author(s) Dr. Walter Peters Keywords: Newsletter, Journal, Jessie Birss, Monica Gobel, Corobrik

Residential Environments of Quality

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Author(s) Errol Haarhoff Keywords: Housing Problems, Apartheid City, Group Areas Act, Black Citizens, kwaNdengezi, Austerville, Tongaat

Courtyard Housing

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Architect(s): Natalia Development Board Department of Works Author(s) John Ferguson Location(s) KwaNdengezi Keywords: High Density, Colonizing Cities, Greeks, Grid Layout, Courtyard Houses, 51/9 House

Medium Density Housing

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Architect(s): Mullins Associates Author(s) Mike Mullins Location(s) Tongaat Keywords: Cape Dutch Style, Ghetto, Urban Foundation, Tongaat Dutch, Backyards

Minimum Site Housing

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Architect(s): Urban Foundation Development Office, Van Heerden Whitehead Author(s) Derek van Heerden Location(s) Woodview, Durban, Phoenix, Durban, Newlands West, Durban Keywords: National Housing Commission, Affordable Indian Housing, Innova Homes

Upgrading of Existing Homes

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Architect(s): Paul Mikula Associates Author(s) Simon Vines Location(s) Austerville Keywords: Community Involvement, Ownership, Military Camp, Soldier’s Barracks, Sub-Economic Flats, CORA

1988 BDA Architectural Award

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Architect(s): Carter-Brown & Baillon Keywords: Brick Development Association, Stowel & Co Offices

Practice Notices

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Corobrik/Natal Mercury 1988 Brick Design Awards

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Architect(s): Carter-Brown & Baillon, Joubert Owens Van Niekerk Natal Inc, Myles Pugh Sherlock Jarvis Keywords: Stowell & Co Building, Amawele-Emlazi Regional Offices, Heavenside Sub-Station

Durban City Council Conservation Awards, 1988

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Location(s) 300 Bartle Road, 70 Manning Road, 14 Calendonian Place, Sea View, 23 Southend Avenue, Sea View, 734 Currie Road, 375 West Street, 59 Musgrave Road, 122 Sirdar Road, 151 Jacobs Road, 151 Bulwer Road, 475 Currie Road Keywords: Union Period, Edwardian Wood, Iron House, Cape Dutch Revival, Sacred Trees, Victorian Berea House

Conservation Technology: A report-back on the ISAA Natal Heritage Committee Workshop, 23-25 September ‘88

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Architect(s): Errol Haarhoff, Brian Kearney, Michael Dyer, Robert Brusse, John Frost Author(s) Dr. Walter Peters Keywords: ISAA Natal Heritage Committee, Conservative Repair, Brick and Stone Decay, Union Buildings, Umgeni Iron Works, Cast Ironic