Sponsored University Projects


Sponsored projects at the School of Architecture, University of Natal

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Author(s) Dr. Walter Peters Keywords: Iberian Peninsula, Geoffrey le Seur, Rhodes, Plate Glass Foundation, fourth year students

A distinguished successor to the Herbert Baker Scholarship

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Architect(s): Geoffrey Eustace le Sueur, Reid & Delbridge, A.A Ritchie McKinley, George Elphick, Johan Slee, Georgia Sarkin, Sandy Morrison, John Frost Author(s) Barrie Biermann Keywords: Natal Provincial Institute, Geoffrey le Seur Travel Scholarship, Herbert Baker Scholarship, International Style

Geoffrey Le Sueur Travel Scholarship: A Journey Recorded

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Author(s) Georgia Sarkin Location(s) Marvao, Portugal, San Gimignano, Siena, Italy, Evora, Lisbon, Portugal, Tembleque, Spain, Salamanca, Spain Keywords: IBA Exhibition, Geoffrey le Seur, Emma Smith Scholarship

Rhodes: Setting, History and Case for Conservation

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Author(s) Forth Year Architecture Students Keywords: Architectural Conservation, Optional Course, Cecil John Rhodes, Microcosm, Black Location, Sir Herbert Baker, Bell River

Rhodes: Environmental Surveys

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Keywords: Rossville Parish Church, Rhodes Hotel, Market Square, Bell River, Post Office

Rhodes: Architectural Surveys

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Architect(s): Morris and Kendall Keywords: House Typologies, Sir Herbert Baker, Dorphuisies, Typical Rhodes House

Rhodes: Upgrading Proposals

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Keywords: Credits and Debits Maps, Objectvies for Conservation, Listed Grade A

Rhodes: Other Proposals

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Keywords: Holiday House, Absentee Landlords, Religious Community, Monastic Institution, Market Square, Trombe Wall


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Architect(s): Rob Platt, Brian Johnson Keywords: NPIA Vice-Precidency

International Success

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Architect(s): Edward Cullinan Keywords: RIBA Student Competition, First Prize, Jabulani Gas Stop, Chandra Lee, Natal University, Social Dimension

Brick Design Awards

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Architect(s): Willie Meyer Location(s) Natal Playhouse, Durban Keywords: Corobrik, Brick Design Awards


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Architect(s): Vandeverre, Apsey, Robinson & Associates Keywords: VARA Studio