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Author(s): Dr. Walter Peters Keywords: University of Natal’s Malherbe Library, Durban Campus, bookracks, readers’ lecterns, expansion, flexibility, terminals, information, lecture theatres, exhibition spaces, service organization

Competition is good

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Author(s): Dr. Walter Peters Keywords: Pinetown Public Library, open, patronage, advantages, architectural skills, matching, Continental Europe, standard, qualitative choice, ranking

What’s in a name?

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Author(s): Dr. Walter Peters Keywords: NPIA Newsletter, Journal of the Natal Provincial Institute of Architects, thematic, editorial policy, comment, aim, serve members, review contributions critically, in-house magazine, camaraderie, public relations

Westville North Branch Library and Community Centre

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Architect(s): Interarc Architects Author(s): John Frost Keywords: Borough Council of Westville, Natal Provincial Administration Library Services, group activities, minimum size, west facing, extension, mono-pitched roofs, carrels, overhangs, summer sun, calcium silicate brick facing, vinyl tiles, landscaped

Borough of Pinetown Public Library

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Architect(s): P.C. Bakker Author(s): Piet Bakker Keywords: competition basis, open planning, transfer of information, integrated pedestrian precinct, Civic Centre, CBD, Water Year, flower selling market, open-air chessboard, major pedestrian route, Historical Society exhibition space, group activities area, established trees, children’s storytelling, reading area, study, recorded music, sun control, public awareness, browsing, grassed, patterned coloured stone aggregate, green lung, piled reinforced concrete, slab coffer, air filters, vertical book distribution, paraplegic, issue counter, computerized issue system, electronically controlled stock, concrete, off shutter, facebrick, quarry tiled

University of Zululand Library

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Architect(s): Osmond Lange Vandeverre Goldswain Haarhoff & Burger, Willy C. Vandeverre Author(s): Rob Platt Keywords: masterplan, special collections, carrels, compactus storage, cafeteria, anthropology museum, heart of the campus, core element, top-lit central, study carrels, circular columns, webs, glazed ceramic tiles, marmoran, tinted laminated glazing, melamine surfaces to built-in desks, shelving, throw of air, central volume, plenum

M.L. Sultan Technikon Library

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Architect(s): G.R. Klohn and Partners Author(s): Gerald Seitter Keywords: urban renewal, Currie’s Fountain, high school pattern, campus, massing, academic heart, satellite libraries, sky-walks, security, sun-angle, thermal-gain, coffered, concrete slab, piled foundations, design economy, engineer, quantity surveyor, trunking, variable-volume, all-air, enthalpy, energy-efficient


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Author(s): Hans Hallen Location(s): Florence Keywords: only connect, E.M. Forster, library of St. Marco, Michelangelo, St. Laurenzo, Guthenberg, Caxton, storing knowledge, technical changes, nature of the library, social changes, democratisation, computer, storage, knowledge, recording, revolution, ‘information’ society, easy resource access, public, industrialization, Pinetown libraries, competition, pedestrian flow, modest Westville library, residential scale, motorist’s library, University of Zululand, identify and reinforce, access routes, social meeting, block-like form, monumental, air-conditioned, economical design, M.L. Sultan Technikon, tight fabric, Laurentian library, external expression, climatic, Environmental Characteristics, major influence


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Keywords: Thintana, Natal Heritage Committee, Art Gallery, Durban City Hall, Durban Arts ’83, conserving houses, mud-walled, thatch-roofed huts, suburban villas, Geoffrey Le Sueur Scholarship, George Elphick


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Keywords: partnerships, Addresses, membership, Members