Natal Provincial Institute of Architects University of Natal School of Architecture Liaison Committee 1969-1984


An Encouragement to Others

Author(s): Walter Peters Keywords: aims, objectives, ISAA, education, social, sporting, Archilark/Frazzle, students’ concert, Archiball, sundowners

From the President

Author(s): Derek Sherlock Keywords: 15th anniversary, liaison, Students, academic staff, Members, link, University, Professional Promotions Directorate, Mr Robert Fox, American Institute of Architects President of Student Chapters, town, gown, practising, salaried members, mid-career education

Current Liaison Committee Members

Keywords: NPIA, staff, Natal School of Architecture, Students

University/ Institute Liaison Committee

Chairman Recall Architect(s): Louis Karol, William Slayton, Sonny Tomkin, Ted Tollman, Mike Jakobi Author(s): Rodney Harber, Erroll Haarhoff, Walter Peters Keywords: Institute/University Liaison Committee, Architectural Students’ Society, permanent buildings, Architect’s Ball, Teach Art School, mountaineering, flying, caricatures, SH2 seating, architectonic logo, birthday party

Special Shaped Bricks – Opportunity for Design

Author(s): TWS Public Relations Keywords: architect, artist, decorative, brickwork, standard range of face bricks, shaped, Plinth Stretcher, Plinth Header, Double Cant, Bullnose Header on Flat, Single Cant, Birdsmouth


Keywords: partnerships, Addresses, Members

The Committee in its Historical Perspective

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Author(s): Leslie Croft Keywords: varying relationship, School and Institute, difficulties, facilities, insufficient staff, Natal Provincial Institute, pupils in 1933, part-time classes, formal architectural education, articled pupils, demobilisation, war, Natal University College, University of Natal, Department of Architecture and Quantity Surveying, Prof. P.H. Connel, draughtsman, architects’ offices, short-staffed, S.N. Tomkin, Calvert McDonald, external examiners, Committee for Studies in Architecture, students internationally, membership, practical experience, post-graduation employment, continuity, critic, Mr E. Tollman, Centenary Building, huts, Memorial Tower Building, Shepstone Building, Architecture Branch Library, Institute’s financial contribution, forum for discussion

From the Longest Serving Institute Member

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Author(s): Sonny Tomkin Keywords: Prof. Croft, ‘The Holford Plan’, refreshment programme, Cheese and Wine, aims, foster understanding, co-operation, Students, Profession, common concern, interest, responsibility, Design, total environment, welfare, overseas lecturers, ‘My Kind of Architecture’, slide shows, budget

From the Longest Serving Staff Member

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Architect(s): Revel Fox, Garth Williamson, Barrie, Pancho, Gordon Small Author(s): Ted Tollman Keywords: Liaison Committee, Natal School of Architecture, Natal Provincial Institute of Architects, catalyst, healthy town and gown interrelationships, Sonny Tomkin, Calvert McDonald, Paul Connel, Leslie Croft, symposium, Institute is dead, fancy dress ball, balanced, educational, social, sporting, Provincial and Local Government, Beach and Central District Steering Committee, City Council, professional practice seminars, Peter Leigh-Hunt, Architect’s Ball, NPIA Journal

Aspects and Considerations of Liaison

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Architect(s): Bill O’ Beirne, Barry Clark, Clem Fridjhon, Sonny Tomkin, Tom Bedford, Keith Alcock, France Rougier, Prof. Leslie Croft, Barrie Biermann, Ted Tollman , John Templar, Danie Theron, Peter Stewart, Colin Savage, Kevin MacGarry, Robin Jay, Peter Engelbrecht, Tony Mackeson, Robert Brusse Author(s): Peter Stewart Keywords: ‘Should Students Practise’, soccer pitch, volley-ball courts, squash courts, servant/master relationship, Castle and Club Arcade, Marine and Twines Hotel, Central Hotel, Greenacres, environmental quality and performance

Student Reflections on the Liaison

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Author(s): Margi Glavovic & Pierre Venter, Pieter Zitman, Marianne Malherbe, Cathy Mocke, Michal Cohen, John Smilie, Jerry Young Keywords: T-squares, professionals, practice, Students, Spirit, visiting architect lectures, concourses, Shepstone