Re-modelling Buildings


Obituary BIll Vos 1931-1987

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Architect(s): Francis “Bill” Vos Author(s) Derek Sherlock

House Coll

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Architect(s): Johnson Murray Author(s) Andrew Murray Keywords: visual focus, deco, colonnade

Making More out of Less

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Architect(s): Andrew Murray, Colin Savage, Terry Farrell, Charles Moore, Michael Graves Author(s) Prof. Walter Peters Keywords: re modelling, Michelangelo, Palladio, transformation, post-modernism, novel hybrid

Bulwer Park Garden Centre

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Architect(s): Colin Savage Author(s) Colin Savage Keywords: Sherlock Jungle Nursery, Indonesian architecture, verandah, Natal Colonial heritage, Pavilion, Verandah


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Architect(s): Hans Hallen, Ron Kirby, Lance Smith, Wally Peters, Clive van der Berg, Jessie Birss, Errol Haarhoff, Jack Barnett Keywords: ISAA mid-career Design Seminar, urban design, Durban Centrum, lecturer, University of Natal

Product News

Page 9 Keywords: Fastrak set, new bricklaying system, National Association of Home Builders, low-cost housing, Corobrik

Practice Changes

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