Third National Architectural Students’ Congress Durban 13-17 April, Aspects of Durban


Editorial Comment

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Author(s) Prof. Walter Peters Keywords: Corobrik, final year students, University of Natal

A Congress of Architectural Students in Durban

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Author(s) Cindy Walters Keywords: Symbiosis, Buenos Aires Bienale, House Form and Culture, Interculturalism, New Land

1987 Congress of Architectural Students Symbiosis

A Seaview with a Difference

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Author(s) Jennie Castle, Michal Choresh Keywords: Victorian suburb, veranda

The Point Walkabout

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Author(s) Michal Cohen, Mandy Smith Location(s) Point Road, Bell Street, Southhampton Street, Camperdown Road, Escombe Terrace , Wellington Street, Ballard Street, Patterson Street Keywords: Queen’s Warehouse, Victorian, Baroque Revival, Edwardian, double storey

A Sub-Tropical Indian Religious Architecture

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Architect(s): Kristappa Reddy, Hans Hallen, Raja Ram Das Author(s) Balwanth Kooblal Location(s) Grey Street Mosque, Canelands Shree Emperumal Temple, Umbilo Shree Ambalavar Alayam, The Reservoir Hills Mosque, The Hare Krishna Temple Keywords: Hindu, Islamic, Christian, yogic, yugas

The Heart of the Grey Street Area

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Architect(s): W B Barboure, W Street Wilson, Payne and Payne, Cassim Kadwa Author(s) Daniel Hattingh Location(s) Grey Street Mosque, Jhavary Arcade, Emmanuel Cathedral, Victoria Street, Prince Edward Street Keywords: arcades, bazaar, Madressa, Group Areas Act, Union Classical

Architectural Highlights

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Author(s) Rui Grego Location(s) Beachfront, Centrum, Berea, Morningside, University Area, Durban North, Westville

Art Deco in Durban

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Architect(s): J Gibbons, Elsworth, Hennessy and Hennessy, Mark Lane, W B Barboure and W E Langton, A A Ritchie McKinlay Author(s) Colin Sweby Location(s) 323 Currie Road, Berea Road, 47/53 Aliwal Street, 124 Victoria Embankment, 107/109 Snell Parade, 197 Smith Street, Broad Street Keywords: Union Period, International Style, Romanesque, Lion heads, stylized

Issy Benjamin Aspects of his Durban Architecture

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Architect(s): Oscar Niemeyer, Le Corbusier, Derek Crofton, Crofton and Benjamin Architects Author(s) Angela Butler Location(s) Hyde Park Flats, Ridge Road, Haven Court, West Point and Riviera Hotel, Farringdon Flats, 87 Cato Road, Hurlingham, cnr Marriott and Currie Roads, Las Vegas Apartment Block, Snell Parade Keywords: Modern Movement in Brazil, Baroque, pilotis, roof gardens, sun control

Durban Centrum – Getting It Together

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Architect(s): Revel Fox Author(s) Franco Coppola Location(s) Umngeni River, Greyville, Church Street, Aliwal Street, Stanger Street Keywords: Lord Holford, Professor Kantorowich, redevelopment, South African Railways, city park

Durban’s New Beachfront

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Author(s) Mark Taschner Location(s) Marine and Snell Parade, Brickhill Road, City Centre, Victoria Embankment, Smith Street, West Street, Pine Street, Old Fort Road, South Beach, Dairy Beach, North Beach Keywords: bowling greens, recreational facilities, amphitheatre

Response to the Third World: The Built Environment Support Group

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Author(s) Dr Errol Haarhoff Keywords: Faculty of Architecture and Allied Disciplines, Rockefeller, Ford Foundation, Anglo American Chairman’s Fund

Response to the Third World: An example of student involvement in BESG – the St Wendolins Project

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Author(s) Cindy Walters, Mandy Smith Keywords: final year, Natal School of Architecture, urbanism, transformation, spatial kit

Response to the Third World: Unahtu – University of Natal Appropriate Housing Technology Unit

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Author(s) Jessie Birss Keywords: research unit, low-income communities, experimental buildings

The Social Scene

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Author(s) Arthur King

Open Letter

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Author(s) Peter Ahrends Keywords: Student Congress, post-apartheid